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So, you have become an Essential Oil addict? You have tried Level Blends and dont want to stop there? You want to start being able to look after your family, your friends and your own wellness the natural way?

In our opinion, Doterra's range of Essential Oils is the absolute best on the market. Its what we use in our own home so we feel very confident in recommending it to some of the most important people in our lives.. you, our customer!

We allow you to purchase Doterra Essential Oils via our Buy Doterra page on our website for retail prices however, should you want to join the Doterra community yourself, not only will you be given access to wholesale prices, you can also qualify for free product, great promotions and can even turn it into an income by sharing it with your family and friends! (don't worry though, if you just want a few oils for your own use, there is NO pressure to sell to others).

If this all sounds great to you, just follow these steps and you can be up and running (and buying your oils at much cheaper prices) within minutes!


Step 1: 

Follow this link to doTERRA Wholesale Enrollment. 

Step 2:

Select your preferred language and country of residence.

Step 3:

On the ‘Enrollment Order’ page, select the first option: ‘Local (OTG) order’. This will allow you to order your items from an Australian warehouse in Australian dollars.

Step 4:

Select the ‘Wholesale Prices’ option which is the best value for money. You’ll receive a 25% discount on all products, with no obligation to sell or buy.

Step 5:

Complete the required fields in the application form: Name, contact information, shipping address, etc. You’ll also need to create a password for your Virtual office so that you can login, shop and manage your doTERRA account.

Step 6:

Read through the terms and conditions and tick to agree. Hit continue!

Step 7:

Now it’s time to select how you wish to enrol. You can either get started with a pre-made enrollment kit or pay the $35 enrollment fee and pick and choose your preferred oils.

Enrollment kits are the best value for money and give you a good foundation to start with, so we recommend getting started this way. You can check out the Enrollment Kits HERE (the enrollment fee is included in the price of the kit).

If you’d prefer to pick and choose your own products, just select ‘Introductory Packet’ from the drop down list and then make your selections, including quantities. Don’t forget that essential oils require a carrier oil to ensure they are safe for topical application, so if you don’t have anything on hand then you can purchase a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil in this step.

Step 8:

You now have the option to join the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards program if you wish to do so. The Loyalty Rewards program basically gives you points for monthly purchases you make on the program. You can continue to accumulate points using the Rewards program that can then be used as cash for future product purchases. You can also get FREE products if you meet certain spends. You can read more about the Loyalty Rewards program HERE!

If you don’t want to join the Loyalty Rewards program, no problems – there is definitely no obligation to join. If you change your mind at any stage, you can always go back and set it up later.

Step 9: 

The next page will provide you with an overview of your order. Confirm these details and enter your payment information to finalise your application.

Step 10:

That’s it! Welcome to doTERRA! Once your application has been successfully submitted, you’ll receive an email from doTERRA with your distributor ID, and instructions on accessing your virtual office. 

Now you can really embrace Essential Oils into your everyday life and we couldn't be more excited for you! There really is a HEAP of things you can do with Essential Oils by not only diffusing them, but by applying topically (as you have learnt with Level Blends) and even ingesting certain oils. You can use certain oils for cooking, cleaning without the use of chemicals, making your own body products, hand wash, laundry powder and much much more, that are safe for your whole family. Now THAT is something to be excited about!