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Need to make your decision on which blend is best for you, we have outlined some 'key ingredients' in each blend and their characteristics to assist you in connecting with your Level.


Lavender’s character is harmonious, calming, healing, caring, compassionate and embracing. It clears and detoxes the mind as well as the body.

Ylang Ylang’s character is euphoric, sensuous, stimulating and unifying. It is intensely feminine and its positive attributes consist of warmth, self-confidence, sensual, calm and awakened.

Sandalwood holds amazing soothing qualities, deep, woody yet subtle. Consisting of positive attributes being warm, sensitive, serene, trusting, peaceful, open and harmonized.


Patchouli’s characteristics of grounding, soothing, unruffled and assurance prove it to be a vital ingredient to this beautiful blend.

Amyris Bark, has a soft warm woody aroma with sedative, calming and relaxing therapeutic properties.

Rose is a sensual precious oil bringing balance and harmony whilst creating a sense of wellbeing.


Blue Chamomile Flower is widely known for its beautiful calming properties and can be helpful to those that have problems with focus.

Frankincense holds positive attributes such as comfort, healing, emotional stability and acceptance.

Ho Wood is extremely high in calming and helps create a peaceful and relaxing environment.


Grapefruit is known for its invigorating and energizing aroma.   It carries some beautiful therapeutic properties such radiance, cheer & joy. It helps uplift our mood and provides a clarifying effect on the mind.

Bergamot’s characteristics are the reason why this was a must to this blend, being joyous, refreshing, uplifting and encouraging. Its personal profile has been referred to as being caring, considerate and full of energy. It would be up there as one of my go to oils.

Orange is a warming, happy, sunny, positive oil. It is an emotionally uplifting oil with its energizing aroma and is a key ingredient in this special blend.


Frankincense and Vetiver are two beautiful essential oils carrying characteristics that are both spiritual, meditative, centering and grounding.


I refer to Frankincense as liquid gold. With properties such as comfort, healing, courage and acceptance this elevating spiritual oil promotes feelings of peace, security and overall wellness.

All blends are blended with fractionated coconut oil. It is a lighter version of regular coconut oil, which consists of the lighter elements of coconut oil that separate when the oil is heated.

It is a beautiful light, silky smooth oil and lacks the greasy feel you get from many other oils.